VIP Marketing

Targeting the Influencers Who Impact Your Business … Big time!

Typically a significant percentage of your business comes from a small share of your client's base. In this economy you can't afford to ignore them and better yet is to show them how valued they are. This can be done in some imaginative, dramatic, yet unpretentious ways.

Visual Imagery Visual Imagery Visual Imagery Visual Imagery
  • Visual Imagery Marketing:

    Visuals Imagery creates an emotional response designed to strengthen relationships and create appreciation. This is done utilizing the fine arts, classic processes and unique technology and resources to create something special. VIM can be used as a platform for advertising, PR, promotion and merchandising opportunities.

  • Meet & Greet Events:

    The epitome of schmoozing that creates a receptive environment for your marketing communication, subtle or directly. Stimulate key customers, activate important prospects and motivate employees. An intimate "Dinner with the Champ - Smokin Joe Frazier" is just one possibility. Also don't overlook how you can dramatically impact trade show efforts with the right program.

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The right program will deliver the right results

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