Sports Themed Event Concepts

Sports Themed Event Marketing

What does one do in a very tough economy and a highly competitive marketplace not only to maintain the business you have, but to grow your market share? To do that you need to outthink the competition rather than outspend them and one of the best ways is to grab their attention through interest in sports.


Develop programs that reach the influencers as well as the decision-makers who have the most impact on your business

  • Focus on existing customers, especially those who provide significant revenue
  • Identify and target key prospects that you wish to acquire as customers.
  • Reward those who help you -- employees and vendors

What type of programs?

SMG can create programs with a laser focus that can achieve measurable results. These can range from utilizing the recognition, reputation and respect of sports legends like Smokin Joe Frazier in the following ways:

  • Dinner with the Champ - an intimate setting for no more than 20 VIPs to meet, chat, dine and generally have fun with one of the few truly sports legends living today.
  • Meet n' Greets - directed to a larger audience often built around specific events such as a trade show or conference.
  • Frazier Memorabilia - These can be utilized as an effective lead generation tool or special limited edition "objects" can be created to achieve specific sales, marketing and relationship objectives.
  • Frazier Musical Performances - An accomplished R&B performer who recorded for the Capital and Motown labels and who toured the world with his "Joe Frazier and the Knockouts" show could entertain your VIPs in an intimate or larger scale environment.

Or Proprietary events like:

  • Boy's Night Out … a combination of entertainment, great food and specially edited fight films on the true boxing legends from Joe Lewis to Joe Frazier.
  • Pit Crew Participation - Actual involvement in a race car event
  • Golf / Basketball Challenge Tournaments - Fun galore while building sales.

The number of sports themed events and the marketing benefits they can deliver for your company are literally limitless.

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