Small Business

A "Think Outside The Box" Approach For Smart Marketers

Premise: Getting Smart with Small Business

Achieve Your Goals By Providing Something Of Value
Meet the business needs of your targeted audience and create a receptive environment for your business communications. Deliver "Smarts" (education and information) through a custom tailored, integrated marketing program encompassing a variety of formats (i.e. print, broadcast, internet, workshops, at retail, etc.) which enable you to secure significant, measurable results while outthinking rather than outspending your competition.

Achieve results such as:

  • Enhanced quality & quantity of leads generated
  • Strengthening your database for future marketing activities
  • Fortifying your position as a valued resource
  • Improving profitability
  • Increasing promotion possibilities
  • Increasing sales
  • Providing opportunities for joint venture with non-competitive "partners"
  • Reinforcing trade relationships
  • Standing out from your competition
  • Strengthening customer relationships
  • Widening PR potential
Small Business Marketing
Small Business Marketing

Providing "Smarts" Improves Potential For Business

Small Business owners and mangers appreciate frequent, practical answers or solutions to the marketing challenges they face so their lives can be a bit less stressful. Smart Marketing… for Small Business™ is designed to deliver those "smarts" to them so they can grow their businesses. It will also aid those without enough experience, resources, staff or time to get their jobs done.

Those "smarts" must make it easy for the targeted audience to ask questions and gain helpful responses. This can be implemented in any or all of the following formats:

  • Print Concepts - Collectible reference material that has a long exposure potential.
  • Radio - Great opportunity to interact with the targeted audience in ways that build relationships, traffic, leads and sales.
  • TV - Offers many ways to reach your targeted audience that can generate measurable response and great database collection opportunities.
  • Internet - The place with growing capabilities and opportunities to connect in a very personal manner. Two are:
    • Webcasts -Short term/long term formats, basis for data collection, etc.
    • Webinars - Very targeted audience participation.
  • Workshops - Strong face-to face interaction on a personal "grassroots" level, ideal for co-op support and strong direct communication.
  • Promotions - limitless and ideal for product movement, lead generation and data collection.
  • Couponing - Easy to measure effectiveness, basis for data collection, traffic-building tool.
  • Seminars - Experiential communication format that can be targeted to a select audience such as CEOs.
  • Custom Publishing - Ideal format to deliver information and corporate communication that won't be disposed of quickly.
  • Special Events - Limited only by imagination and budget.

… and a great deal more based upon the input we gain from talking to you.

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