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All businesses, no matter their industry operate the same as everyone else within their industry until someone takes the time to apply a magnifying glass what is being done and then they will find the overlooked business opportunity … every time!

"Thinking is hard work." - Thomas Edison

We are not suggesting you or anyone else thinks "dumb", what we are referring to is traditionally business owners are reactive without thinking things out, rather than being proactive in their thinking. Why does this happen? There are many reasons, but often it relates to having limited experience (which can be gained from working in a variety of fields and positions), difficulty changing, the inability to think "outside-the box", fear of taking risks, and more.


  • Stimulate Thinking
  • Gain an understanding of what step is most beneficial
  • Reach your income goals by thinking smarter about your business
  • Think through rough ideas with a non-judgmental sounding board
  • Develop a sharper focus on your business
  • Acquire insight into crucial employee thoughts


"None of us are as smart as all of us." – Phil Condit

Marketing means different things to different people, part of this activity is to create an agreed upon definition and analyze how it can be maximized for your business. We examine how you are currently marketing, either one on one or in select group of non-competitors, to help you achieve specific, desired goals.

We examine how you are currently marketing, your culture, your competitive environment, how you visualize the expansion of your business and what you can afford to get you to those goals. Then, we help you make decisions, based on input, of what next smart step you need to take for your business success.

Marketing Analysis
OTBT Challenge


"To repeat what others have said, requires education, to challenge it, requires brains." - Mary Pettibone Poole

The "fear of change” often lies at a basis of management that refuses to challenge how they operate and has also been the basis for many companies to cease to exist.

Smart Challenge Sessions focuses on looking at the environment and atmosphere in which a company’s most valued “assets” work and how their contributions can be maximized rather than minimized. The "Smart Challenge" brings out a participant’s best thoughts on business improvements they can make in a non-threatening, open, and fun environment

otbt think tank

"You are today where your thoughts have brought you;  you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you." - James Allen

In today’s increasingly hectic and in general, tough business environment it is not only helpful to have assistance in stimulating thinking within your organization, it is an absolute necessity; if you want to keep moving forward.

"He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not ask remains a fool forever." - Chinese Proverb

The purpose of the "Smart Think Tank" is to bring out some of your team’s best thinking, combined with some of the best minds in our network of experienced resources and apply towards your business or specific scenario to enable you to gain the most desirable results.

Smart Marketing for CEOs

smart marketing for ceos

Thinking is the hardest work there is – which is probably why so few engage in it.” – Henry Ford

A key element in a company’s success is the strategic thinking behind its marketing efforts. Unfortunately, there is little consensus among CEOs as to what the real role of marketing should be within their organizations. This session helps define all the “threads” that need to be woven together to create a beautiful business “tapestry” to maximize the bottom line. Sessions are available for individual CEO counseling who seek sound advice on a private basis or on a select gathering with counterparts in non-competitive industries.


smart marketing for c-level suite

“I can give you a six word formula for success: Think things through – then follow through.” – Capt. Edward V. Rickenbacker

Marketing impacts many areas of a company and a fresh perspective can be extremely beneficial. It is especially beneficial to those who are not comfortable with marketing's role or the CMO who needs support in educating others on how effective marketing will benefit everyone or selling it in to the right decision-makers.

Smart Marketing C Level
Smart Marketing Clinics

smart thinking clinics

You can’t stop people from thinking – but you can start them.” – Frank A. Dusch

These sessions are designed to aid the "invitees" (agencies, customers, prospects, trade) to better understand the corporate marketer’s (yours) goals and how they are willing and eager to provide the guidance, and in some cases the tools and techniques to ensure all parties benefit from a "team" mentality.

Smart Thinking is something we are all capable of and in this highly competitive, cluttered communication landscape that we live in it has to be at the forefront of everyone you rely on to make your operation as successful as possible. With that knowledge has to be the action (decision) that needs to be taken to activate, motivate and stimulate your team.

Nothing ages people like not thinking.” – Christopher Morely

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