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Raising Your Business Above the Crowd by Developing

Descriptive Definitions of
Who You Are, What You Do, What You Stand For

Fact #1: We live in a cluttered communications landscape therefore it is imperative that you make it easy for prospects to identify you. A strong name that ties into what you offer is vital

Fact #2: We work in a highly competitive environment where it is essential that those we want as our customers can identify us easily. An ideal tagline will further define what you offer

Fact #3: We need words to entice, stimulate, motivate and activate our target audience to reach out to us and take the actions we desire. This requires a well thought out verbal strategy

Fact# 4: Your communication needs to be succinct short and to the point where possible without losing their attention.

Names and Taglines offers the following services
Creation of -

  • Business Names
  • Business Taglines
  • Domain Names
  • Event Names
  • Event Taglines
  • Product Name Development
  • Advertising Headline Development
  • Billboard Copy

The 5 Step Process:

  1. Fill out the questionnaire completely for an evaluation and a quote.
  2. We will submit a quote for your consideration. If you approve an agreement is forwarded for signing and payment.
  3. We will submit 3-5 strong recommendations and will have checked the Internet for any conflicting situations.
  4. You choose which one you think fits your business best.
  5. You can apply for copyright, trademark or sales mark registration or we can recommend an Intellectual Property attorney for you to talk to


Your quotation encompasses a marketing analysis of your situation, research on what is in the marketplace, an informal focus group questioning,

Below are starting costs or estimated ranges.

  • Business Names - Starting @ $950
  • Business Taglines - Starting @ $525
  • Event Names - Starting @ $450
  • Event Taglines - Starting @ $295
    (Combination of name and tagline generates a 15% discount)
  • Domain Names - Starting @ $350

Development of -

  • Product Names - Starting @ $2,500
  • Advertising Copy Headline - Starting @ $1,500
  • Billboard Copy - Starting @ $2,000
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