Motorsports Marketing

An Affordable Alternative to NA$CAR


motorsports attracts millions of viewers and attendees to events across the nation and in some cases on an international scale. It is powerful but expensive until now. In a program entitled … Racing for Growth. We enable sponsors to benefit from the advantages Motorsports can bring to their marketing efforts but without the expense normally attached to it.

We provide a way to utilize this exciting sport via a clear cut, custom tailored Motor Sports Marketing strategy focused on delivering measurable results from interaction with:

  • The general public
  • Specific targeted demographic segments
  • Members of your sales organization
  • Investors
  • Employees
  • Vendors

We create for you a successful Motor Sports Marketing strategy by understanding:

  • There are other avenues than NASCAR
  • The focus is on achieving clearly defined objectives
  • You can win in business without winning at the track
  • You can participate at almost any budget level

All or some of the following can definitely be achieved, reliant upon your desired depth of involvement:

  • Generate Leads
  • Increase Markets and Market Share
  • Strengthen Customer Relationships
  • Provide The Sales Force A Marketing Tool
  • Generate Strong, Positive PR
  • Launch A Promotion Platform
  • Create A Competitive Edge

…and more dependent upon your goals

Marketing Action Plan

Contact us for details on how we can create a marketing strategy that gives your firm and your sales organization the opportunity to maximize their ROI. SMG Motorsports will discuss with all parties those things that impact on their growth and profitability and tailor a Motorsports strategy for review and discussion.

This program would take into consideration your existing marketing efforts and would look for ways to enhance, reinforce and increase impact in those areas. Call today for more details.

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