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Ray Mancini

World Champion refers not only to athletic achievements but life as well. Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini won in the ring and outside it in a wide variety of businesses from movies to cigars to fine wines. Ray is a true Renaissance man.

Commonly known as "Boom Boom", Ray Mancini was born on March 4, 1961 in Youngstown, Ohio. Mancini is an American boxing icon who held the World Boxing Association lightweight championship. Boxing played a prominent role in the Mancini family history. Mancini's father, Lenny Mancini (the original "Boom Boom"), was a top-ranked contender during the 1940s who was widely predicted to be a future world champion. Lenny Mancini's dream, however, was dashed when he was wounded during World War II. Although Lenny returned to boxing, limitations resulting from his injuries prevented him from fulfilling his potential.

Lenny inspired young Ray to develop his boxing skills and encouraged him to train at a gym when he was quite young. Ray had a stellar amateur career, and in 1979, he made the jump to the professional ranks. Retiring officially in 1992 at the age of 31, Mancini held a record of 34 fights, 5 losses and 29 wins (23 by KO). His whirlwind punching style caught the attention of network executives at several American television networks, and he became a regular on their sports programming.

Mancini's story has inspired many since and he has expanded his reach into the entertainment and business world. He became a fighting analyst for Fox reality series Celebrity Boxing while producing his own film called " Youngstown : Still Standing" documenting the history of his childhood town.

As a businessman, Ray understands the importance of the corporate need for a strong ROI. For that reason, he requested the Smart Marketing Group of Philadelphia to join with him to ensure that his marketing partners will receive maximum results. SMG is an innovative marketing strategy firm with more than 4 decades of experience in developing marketing programs that deliver results.

Ray Mancini's popularity will benefit your business in many marketing activities. Here are just a few to consider:

  • Ad Campaigns (especially if you are targeting Italian American demographics)
  • Consumer promotions
  • Trade & Investor relationships
  • Endorsements (From athletic to food clothing products)
  • Licensing
  • PR Efforts (Articulate spokesperson)
  • Trade shows & promotions

… and truly a great deal more

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