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Smoking Joe Frazier

Smokin' Joe Frazier is an icon, a living legend, and one of the few athletes known in every nook and cranny of the entire world. He is the first Olympic Gold Medalist to also hold the World Heavyweight Boxing Champion title. That was when there was one title truly representing the best the world had to offer in boxing. Joe Frazier, is one of the few athletes who was a major player on the stage of history, outside of his achievements in the ring and his generous activities throughout the world. A Marketing alliance with Smokin Joe Frazier creates significant benefits from the power of his recognition, reputation and fan respect factors. His image is synonymous with hard work, dedication, and durability across all demographic sectors. His boxing record showed his ability to deliver in the ring. His credibility with all segments of society enables him to deliver in the marketplace for the right marketing partners. In addition Joe Frazier is also a world class, R&B performer which offers other PR and Promotion possibilities.

Joe understands the importance of corporate need for a strong ROI related to endorsements, licensing, promotion, special events, joint ventures, strategic alliances, and more. That is why he signed on with Smart Marketing Group of Philadelphia (SMG) an innovative marketing strategy firm with more than 4 decades of in-depth experience in the marketing arena.

The planning for a marketing partnership to gain a knockout in the marketplace is not unlike the planning a fighter must do to achieve his victories. SMG and Frazier will tailor a strategy to fit your needs and budgtes. The one factor that no one can argue with is that Smokin Joe Frazier can't be duplicated

Marketing activities that cab gain from Smokin Joe's participation are limitless, but here are a few to consider:

  • Ad campaigns
  • Customer
  • Relationships
  • Investor Relations
  • Licensing
  • Promotion activities
  • Trade shows
  • VIP Meet n' Greets
  • Consumer Promotion
  • Endorsements
  • Lead Generation
  • PR efforts
  • Trade Relations
  • Traffic Building - Retail / Internet

… and truly a great deal more

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