Experiential Marketing

Experiencing an activity, which brings enjoyment, involvement and perhaps participation will have a, significant, positive impact upon the targeted audience

Experiential - Derived from or relating to experience as opposed to other methods of acquiring knowledge.

SMG will tailor Experiential programming to custom fit the needs of a client's marketing objectives and budget. The potential formats and application are limitless, but several that are popular include:

  • Evocative & Emotive Experiences: Where a key element of a program generates an emotional "trigger" in the mind of the audience about a pleasant experience in an earlier phase of their lives. For example a musical activity targeting baby boomers involving music and possibly entertainers from their youth.
  • Special Event Marketing: An event designed to be in a high traffic venue like a shopping mall targeting a special interest of the targeted group. For example, The Age of the Entrepreneur, an exhibition of opportunities directed at the aspiring entrepreneur.
  • Visual Imagery Marketing: Create a traveling experiential tactic to reach selected markets perhaps benefiting the grass roots distribution channels. For example, a themed exhibition of art, photography, sculpture etc.
Experiential  Marketing

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