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Joe Bugner

Aussie Joe Bugner was born in 1950 in Hungary . The first 6 years of his life he was raised in Szoreg, a village with a population of 150. In 1956 the Russians invaded Hungary ; Joe's mother gathered up her 4 children and escaped into Yugoslavia where they became refugees. The International Red Cross eventually moved his family to England . Bunger experienced a tough start in life that influenced his desire to succeed and better his life.

Bugner has always been a dreamer and at the age of 16, he entered the British Naval department learning to become an engineer. He would have been making gas-turbine generators for N-subs but shortly Joe found out he has no excitement for the position. He quickly handed in his resignation and went into pro boxing when he was only 3 months short of his 18 th birthday. When he had his first pro fight, Joe was the youngest heavyweight in the history of boxing. Bugner had 83 fights, 13 loses, 45 wins by KO-TKO and retired as the eldest heavyweight Champion at 49 years old. He also TKOed James Bone Crusher Smith in the 1st round to become the eldest fighter to win a world title at 48yrs on the 4July 1998 Independence day and defended it at age 49 on the 16 th of June, 1999. His story can be used to inspire and motivate your employees as well as motivate your customers.

Bugner also lasted 27 respectable rounds in two losing decisions against Muhammed Ali when Ali was in his prime and produced 12 more good rounds in an effort against Joe Frazier. Bunger fought for 32 years from London to Las Vegas to Kulal Lumpur.

Joe Bugner's heritage and popularity around the world can benefit your business by using him in these potential marketing activities but is not be limited to:

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