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Roberto Benitez

Hard work, a well educated, a strong sense of family & community, articulate, successful and strikingly handsome all describe Roberto; who is a real role model for all demographics and an ideal vehicle for those wishing to develop a strong identity in the Hispanic market.

A Dominican native born on July 30, 1980, Roberto Benitez was raised in the Jacob Riis Projects on the Lower East Side in New York. He studied boxing at the young age of 10, which he initially became involved to protect himself from bullies and stay away from negative influences. It turned out that Benitez was a hardworking prodigy who quickly learned how to throw devastating combinations.

Roberto Benitez is one of the most promising young boxers. He was a Ten-Time National Champion and became one of the nation's best athletes by earning a spot on the 2004 United Stated Olympic Boxing team. He is also the fifth person in history to win four Everlast National Championship titles.

He has appeared on many networks and in publications such as Sports Illustrated, FHM Magazine, HBO, ESPN, NBC, Telemundo. He's been involved with Rocawear's online marketing, has had involvement on MTV3 and Plus he promotes fitness and family values; this prodigy has evolved into a positive influence and role model to many around the world. Benitez also attained a Business Degree from Northern Michigan University. Roberto's achievements in and out of the classroom prove that he is a well-rounded individual that can benefit your company on many levels.

Reaching out to children is one of Benitez utmost passions in life; He looks to help parents establish a better environment which will be productive for their children. He is active with Boys' and Girls Club of America among other non-profits.

Hard work, professionalism, dedication and clean living are Roberto's trademarks that will leave a profound impact on those around him and inspire others. The Champ of talent, personality, and charisma is a world-class athlete and an all-around good human being. He will add a creative spark to your business and charm your audience.

Roberto Benitez's talent and charisma can benefit your business by using him in a variety of marketing activities. A few of many to consider are:

  • Ad Campaigns (targeting young men and women of all ages)
  • Consumer promotions (Reaching and influencing the Hispanic market)
  • Trade & Investor relationships
  • Endorsements (The virile male with Latin Looks and smarts)
  • Licensing (Limitless from athletic oriented to cosmetics)
  • PR Efforts (Easy to build a campaign around)
  • Trade shows & promotions

… and truly a great deal more

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