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"Thinking is hard work - Thomas Edison"

Smart Margeting Group

Smart Marketing Group is a marketing company focusing on design and execution of integrated marketing and niche strategies for businesses large and small. Les Wolff, CEO of SMG, has 45+ years of sales, management and marketing experience ranging from sports marketing to small business management.

Our Modus Operandi (Our Way Of Doing Things)

In order to ensure a client receives the strongest return on their investment we take the following steps:

  1. Ask in-depth questions about their business and the challenges they are facing in the marketplace and elsewhere.
  2. Listen carefully to the answers and initiate a knowledge foundation on which to build a plan of action.
  3. Examine closely the traditional marketing approach within their industry, do a marketing analysis of their and competitive marketing efforts and then identify the overlooked opportunities that exist.
  4. Develop a consortium from our network of experience and expertise resources to form a plan of action (POA) with a high degree of creativity and common sense.
  5. Once POA is approved by the client act on it being sure to execute from the perspective of the targeted audience and with a clarity of communication
  6. Constantly monitor, evaluate and modify to provide the strongest ROI.

"Marketing is all the exhilarating big things and all the troublesome little things that must be done in every nook and cranny of the entire corporate organization in order to achieve the purpose of attracting and holding a customer." - Theodore Levitt - Harvard Business School



1,000 Years Of Experience & Expertise (Our Resource Network)

No company can afford to have all the experience and expertise one requires for every facet of the marketing mix. SMG's CEO, leslie wolff, has created a network through his 45 + years in the marketing arena of veteran professionals and a wide spectrum of resources that can be tapped into on behalf of our clients. This means more than 1,000 years of experience and expertise are available for you and your company on an as needed basis. And the reservoir of talent is growing every day.



Niche Marketing (Key To Outthinking The Competition)

Creating a unique position via a series of actions that enable a company to create their own niche to achieve specific, measurable marketing objectives. Niche Marketing has proven time an again to be effective in cutting through the clutter in the communications landscape.

Wolff's Rule of Business Opportunity

"All businesses, no matter their industry operate the same as everyone else within their industry until someone takes the time to apply a magnifying glass what is being done and then they will find the overlooked business opportunity … every time!" - Leslie Wolff CEO/Chief Marketing Strategist - Smart Marketing Group

What does Niche Marketing mean to you and your company? Niche Marketing uses a tightly focused strategy based on carefully selected niches to allow you to maximize your ROI while outmaneuvering your competition. How is this done? SMG will do a marketing analysis that matches your target audience with the type, of niche activity that will generate significant measurable results tailored to your needs.

What niches exist?

More than you can imagine. This site will give you an idea of the many choices, but it is really just the "tip of the iceberg." The opportunity to develop others based on your corporate needs, infrastructure, culture and budget is the special focus that SMG offers its clients.

Note: In every niche developed by smg, your niche marketing project is assigned an advisory board of experts in that niche in order to maximize the effectiveness of the marketing strategies created.

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"Outside-the-Box Thinking" Development & Training

The following quotations express why new ideas are important and why some executives have the problem of developing them. In this economy the failure to be proactive could be fatal to one's business and/or career.

"None of us are as smart as all of us." Phil Condit

(Team efforts is better than individual effort alone)

"One of the greatest pains to human nature is the pain of a new idea.' - Walter Bagehot

(Using the right creative approach can ease the pain)

"As long as ideas are created, sales will continue to reach new highs.' - Charles Kettering

(Doing nothing generates nothing)

Quotations are proven bits of wisdom and we can list them all day long but the one that speaks loudest is "Action speaks louder than words, SMG offers you tools, techniques and support in helping your staff become, motivated, stimulated and activated to develop ways for your business to outsmart your competition without having to outspend them.

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"Outside-the-Box Thinking" Stimulation & Training Sessions


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